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11 Observations & Thoughts About Churches & Career Ministry

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(NOTE: I’ve been working on my upcoming webinar and a new writing project on encouraging young people toward career ministry. Here are some observations and thoughts that I wanted to share.)

  1. God expects and has gifted every believer to serve Him.
  2. Every church must develop a culture of ministry and outreach.
  3. Pastors should preach on the importance of following God’s call into career ministry.
  4. Not everyone is called to career ministry (and churches shouldn’t treat those people like second-class citizens), but God does call some into His service.
  5. Most churches have never sent one of their own out into career, global missions.
  6. Churches should change their missions policy to fully support their own people who go into career, global missions.
  7. All churches must begin when kids are young to identify and equip those who sense God’s call into career ministry.
  8. Churches should endorse and support some Bible colleges and seminaries – and encourage interested young people to consider those schools.
  9. Churches should offer organized and paid internships for each young person in their church who may be headed into career ministry.
  10. Pastors should include missionaries and other career ministry voices to fill the pulpit from time-to-time.
  11. Don’t forget that God may call older people (“second career”) into career ministry and should be on the lookout for those people to respond to God’s call.

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