Resources to Encourage the Next Generation

How Can We Help Older People Make their Weekend Involvement in Church Less Frustrating and More Rewarding

I always feel badly when I overhear some of the oldest people in the church complain to others about the style of music, the length of the sermon, or the fashion styles of the younger generations. I wonder why this once active and vibrant demographic age group feels the need to express their frustration so… Keep Reading

Trends Youth Workers Will Face This Year

Remember the familiar narrative in Acts 17 when the Apostle Paul used his personal observations of the city of Athens as a springboard for an opportunity to share the Gospel with the philosophers that were gathered at the Areopagus? Youth workers – let’s apply this same action step as we make our final preparations for… Keep Reading

5 Reasons Why Generation Alpha Will Change the Future of Youth Ministry

New Generations Change Things Most of today’s youth workers are probably Millennials[1] – the generation we were told would change everything. With the recent surge of immigration, this age group became America’s largest generation[2] – and has certainly emerged as the most influential population segment in this country’s history. In generational sequence, the Millennials were… Keep Reading

11 Things My Parents Did Right

I greatly appreciate my parents and the generational legacy in my family. As far back as I know which, thanks to services and tools like “”, goes all that way back to the 1600’s – my ancestors have been believers. There is no doubt, with great indebtedness to God’s grace and His will, my forefathers… Keep Reading

How Can Small Youth Groups Make a Big Impact?

A recent report stated that the average church in America has about 75 people, 4 of whom are teenagers. I don’t know if that description fits your church, but the report shows that the typical church is nowhere near the size of a megachurch. Sure, mega churches get lots of attention, but let’s face it;… Keep Reading

Resources on Generation Alpha – by Mel Walker

Video Podcast: “How will COVID-19 Affect Generation Alpha?” Webinar: Webinar Notes (including PDF of Webinar PowerPoint slides): Series of Podcasts: Articles: fbclid=IwAR0UoB0kqHU2XVD1RMy_ehyu0ORE08hh4W3-EtTkGfTLsyvR3PC_BcijRRA Keep Reading

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